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Most cereal companies put celebrities on their cereal boxes to sell more cereal. Chad Ochocinco is no exception. However, recently the cereal box displaying Ochocinco’s picture has a nasty phone number listed on the box.

By nasty, I mean the phone number goes to a phone-sex line!  The phone number is supposed to connect callers to “Feed the Children”, which benefits from sales of the cereal. However, the box has the wrong toll-free prefix that sends callers to a seductive sounding woman who makes risqué suggestions and asks for a credit card number.

Now Cincinnati based Kroger Company is pulling all of the Ochocinco cereal boxes from its grocery shelves. Obviously this was an error and new cereal boxes with the correct toll-free number will be showing up on shelves soon.

I’ve been watching Survivor the last few weeks and I’ve made some observations about the members of this year’s series. First of all, I was rather surprised that the older group voted out Jimmy Johnson. He was in the series for only 9 days and I’m sure he’s happy that he can go home. But I think he did bring some type of cohesiveness to the older group. I really didn’t buy his theory that he wanted to help someone in his tribe to get the million dollars but that was his strategy. We’ll see how the older group does without him.

Now I have to vent on the younger group survivor. NaOnka Micon is a big brat and bully. Her attitude towards her team members is atrocious. I know this is Survivor but this little bully needs to go as soon as possible. Almost at the get go she goes off on one of the guys they nicknamed “Flavio” on her tribe and now she is going off on another girl on her tribe. This gal has a prosthetic leg but seems to be able to keep up with the challenges. NaOnka’s scuffle with her to get a clue to the hidden immunity idol was really sad. Then she has the nerve to trash talk her. I’ll be doing the “happy dance” when she is voted out.

Hope you are enjoying Survivor Nicaragua and I’ll be blogging about it next time.

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The state of Colorado wants to set up a tracking system  of buyers of medical marijuana purchases. Lawmakers feel that by tracking purchases will deter people from buying vast amounts of pot and selling it on the black market.

Some of the ideas on how to track purchases are monitoring purchases by video surveillance, a central computer system to flag multiple purchases, fingerprinting marijuana patients and even radio-frequency devices on the pot sold similar to coded tags on library books. In addition, tracking could include requiring dispensaries to capture patient driver’s licenses on camera to record their purchases.

These types of regulations will provide basic protections to ensure that the system isn’t being abused by drug dealers. Legislators feel that it is important to monitor marijuana purchases because of the recent explosion of marijuana dispensaries in the past year in Colorado. If Colorado can come up with a good monitoring system, other states may follow suit.

However, patients of medical marijuana are vowing to fight tracking plans. They’re especially alarmed that state regulators have yet to issue specifics on how the tracking would work. They hope there aren’t any ulterior motives for tracking marijuana use.

A public hearing is planned in January however, the tracking system does not require lawmakers’ approval The tracking system can be initiated as an agency regulation.

For over five years, viewers of Deadliest Catch saw the adventures and perils of fishing for crabs off the Alaskan coast. The captains we got to know and love, brothers Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand and Sig Hansen have decided to quit the show.

It all started when the Hillstrands were signed up to do a spinoff of Deadliest Catch but reneged on their commitment. The Hillstrand said in a statement recently that they were unable to continue the show due to the ongoing litigation , in which Discovery accused the duo of not doing work on a planned special. This resulted in Captain Sig Hansen, who was not sued, to also leave the series, in support of the Hillstrands.

The Discovery Channel sued the Hillstrands for $3 million, claiming that they did not complete work on a planned Catch spin-off called “Hillstranded.” The brothers said last week that the lawsuit was an extortion attempt by the network. Their lawyer said that the lawsuit could force them to sell their boats and fire their crews.

But when Sig Hansen joined the walk-out because he wanted people to know that the captains stand together and support them 100 percent, prospects for seeing these captains on Deadliest Catch seems slim to none.

Hansen is captain of the Northwestern and has been on the series since 2005. The Hillstrands captain the Time Bandit and joined in Season 2.

This year has been tough for the captains of the “Deadliest Catch”. This year the series has lost four captains.  In February, show favorite and Cornelia Marie Captain Phil Harris died of a massive stroke at age 53.

Hopefully, they can come to an agreement because production of the show is set to begin next month.

As I predicted, Michael Bolton is the next casualty of Dancing with the Stars. Yes, Bruno was hard on his score for Michael last nite and yes Michael was right to come back with his criticism of Bruno. But face it, Michael you were awful last night with your rendition of the Jive. Thank goodness Len piped in and said that the judges’ role is to encourage the stars with their dancing and not just criticize their performance. Has Len become a pussycat this season and Bruno the bad guy? Role reversal here?

Mike, “The Situation” needs to be careful because I really don’t think the fans will give him another chance to “improve”. He better do one heck of a job dancing next week otherwise he is gone too.

Did you see the dress Brooke was wearing tonight? The top was low and the bottom was short. Will she be wearing a bandaide next week for a dress? Sure she has the body to wear those clothes but come on, let’s be a little modest and show a lot less skin. I would be embarassed watching the show with my ten year old granddaughter if Brooke keeps dressing like that. I think it gives the wrong impression. Just my opinion.

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The American Journal of Public Health recently published their findings  that sending text messages while driving has caused an estimated 16,000 deaths from 2001 to 2007. In fact, fatalities have grown significantly since 2005.

The federal data shows that road fatalities due to “distracted driving” surged from 4,572 in 2005 to 5,870 in 2008 – a 28 percent increase in three years. Many of the deaths involved collisions with roadside objects because drivers are typing on their cell phones and veer off-track into poles, traffic lights or even cars.

Thirty states now have legislation prohibiting texting while driving but catching someone who is texting is difficult for law enforcement to enforce. In fact, this epidemic of texting while driving seems worse than drunk drivers.

Unfortunately, car companies aren’t exactly keeping the risks of distracted driving in mind when designing their next-generation vehicles. Ford, for example, is offering Twitter and Pandora apps as part of a dashboard console entertainment “hub” that also seems like a recipe for distracted disaster.

What is needed is to strengthen laws and beef up enforcement along with encouraging better driving practices for every driver. Take the pledge not to text while driving, the life you save can be your own.

Recently,  the Northern Colorado Drug Task force busted meth ring smugglers from Mexico. This drug bust has dismantled a portion of a drug cartel. The form of transporting the meth was in common car batteries. In fact, up to 50 pounds of meth were found hidden in car batteries.

Nine people have been indicted after an eight month investigation. The ring leaders are brothers – Gabriel Farias-Chavez 27, and Ramon Chavez 30. They have been allegedly responsible for importing as much as 30 to 50 pounds of meth each month from Mexico to the Denver metro area. Six of the nine arrested, including the Chavez brothers, were citizens of Mexico and three others were U.S. citizens.

This is how they transported the meth. In Mexico the drug smugglers put the uncut meth in functioning car batteries. Once the drugs arrived in Colorado, a cutting agent quickly and easily doubled or tripled the amount of meth in each of the car batteries. The distribution took place between March 1 and July 15 2010.