Dancing with the Stars premier

Posted on: September 21, 2010

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars premier show came with new stars with their special personalities.  Many of them were really very good at their first dances, but two of the stars fell short of being up to the task.

Margaret Cho danced a bizarre Viennese Waltz where she wanted to be funny. Sure she is a funny girl, but she can dance and should not have messed up the dance with the attempt to be humorous. The judges were kind giving her 15 points for her dance.

Then we have Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from Jersey Shore. What an awful performance from him. I know he had only 5 days to train but I think if he had 5 weeks to train he still fell way short of dancing. He also received 15 points.

David Hasselhoff was terrible. It was sickening to watch him and he must have been sick as well with all the grunted he did. Maybe losing a few pounds would have made him better on his feet.

Michael Bolton didn’t do very well, but I see potential in him as well as Kurt Warner. Maybe next week will be better for them

Florence Henderson wowed us with her dancing ability. I know that she wanted to be cheeky, but at age 76 this woman has terrific stage presence as well as dancing ability. Next week I want to see more dancing and less cheekiness.

Jennifer Grey is the one dancer that was awesome. She received the highest scores and I believe she is going to be the one star that can go all the way. Great performance and great tribute to Patrick Swayze – she did him well.

Tonite, we’ll find out who is leaving Dancing with the Stars. No predictions yet. I need more time to watch the stars and their performances.

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