Facebook posting bust rapists

Posted on: September 22, 2010

Facebook is a social network that millions of people enjoy posting their everyday activities. However, when two men involved in a brutal gang rape of a 16-year old girl posted their exploits, the Vancouver, B.C. police were able to bust these low-life criminals.

Their exploits were filmed in a field outside a “Another Night in Bangkok” rave last weekend east of Vancouver. The 16-year old girl was drugged with a date rape drug, possibly GHB and sexually assaulted by five to seven men. A 16-year old boy took the photos and videos on his cell phone and then posted them on Facebook.

Facebook has tried to delete the entry however, the damage is done. Parents have called the police telling them that their kids were traumatized by the video and pictures.

The police busted two men in connection to this rape. They can face criminal charges along with child pornography charges. More arrests are expected.


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