Is your “Dream House” a former meth lab?

Posted on: September 22, 2010

Even today, there are homebuyers out there looking for their “Dream House”. However, a man from Thornton, Colorado found that his house was a former meth lab .

Mario Gutierrez found a house where he could raise his children in a nice subdivision. Nowhere was there a history of former homeowners. Gutierrez submitted a bid on this HUD home and was awarded the property. He then decided to check out the home on the National Clandestine Laboratory Register  to see if his home was listed. This is a register that provides a listing of addresses of residences where methamphetamine laboratories were discovered by law enforcement. Did he have a premonition of the neighborhood that lead him to check out this home? Or did he do this because there have been over 250 meth lab homes found in Colorado.

To his surprise his dream home was listed on this registry. He then contacted the North Metro Dug Task Force to confirm the information. They confirmed that a meth lab was busted at this house on February 11, 2005. But in September 2005 the house was cleaned up and approved by the Tri-County Health Department.

However, as anyone who is concerned about their health and their family’s health, he immediately canceled the contract on the house. The lesson learned is to check out all the information on the property you are going to buy. You never know what the former resident cooked up in the house.

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