Do pot dispensaries increase crime rates?

Posted on: September 27, 2010

In Colorado as well as other states, medical marijuana dispensaries are now the norm. While these dispensaries have to follow tough crime-proof state regulations, such as cameras, locked doors and proof of medical prescriptions to name a few, will these stop crime?

Recently,  a pot dispensary was robbed in Northeast Denver. In the middle of the afternoon, two suspects entered a pot dispensary under the guise of being clients. However, once inside one of the men put a gun to the face of an employee and put her on the ground while his associate in crime stole marijuana, money and other items.

The owner of the store feels that these dispensaries are high targets for robbery. Other medical marijuana dispensaries have been robbed in the past in the Denver area. However, the police do not see this as a chronic problem – yet.

Fast cash, easy access to dope and accessories seem to be the target of these criminals. However, most of these dispensaries are small businesses and don’t have a lot of cash or marijuana that makes robbing these stores a good idea. However, I’m sure these low-life criminals will continue hitting these dispensaries until they get caught.  Crime may not increase because of pot dispensaries, but pot dispensaries seem to invite crime because of what they sell.


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