Under Cover Boss season premier

Posted on: September 27, 2010

Last night’s Under Cover Boss started out with a bit of a twist. The President and CEO, Stephen Joyce, of Choice Hotels was going undercover along with another person to keep his undercover a secret. The other guy was younger and was also doing all the different jobs at the hotels. The employees were told that they were going to vote on which person should get the job. Of course that wasn’t going to happen.

Choice Hotels sells franchises for Comfurt Suites, Comfort Hotels, Quality Suites, Extended Stay. Cambria Suites and others. As President and CEO he needed to see how these franchises were working out and get to know the people on the front lines.

However, this year’s Under Cover Boss seems to be following the pattern from last year’s. When you follow a boss in a hospitality sector, you can find many sad stories of people working hard and not getting anywhere. Hospitality is a rough business and it does take dedication to work there. From maintenance department to housekeeping everyone has a sad/sob story to tell.

The one important thing you need to take away when you watch Under Cover Boss is how the top boss handles the various situations for the employees as well as the business. That is what this series seems to accomplish very well. Many of the folks working for these companies think that top management isn’t listening to them or doesn’t care.  However, this series shows that this isn’t true. Don’t forget, some of these top bosses started where these folks were and they do have compassion and know that with happy employees makes good business.

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