2nd Star leaves Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: September 28, 2010

As I predicted, Michael Bolton is the next casualty of Dancing with the Stars. Yes, Bruno was hard on his score for Michael last nite and yes Michael was right to come back with his criticism of Bruno. But face it, Michael you were awful last night with your rendition of the Jive. Thank goodness Len piped in and said that the judges’ role is to encourage the stars with their dancing and not just criticize their performance. Has Len become a pussycat this season and Bruno the bad guy? Role reversal here?

Mike, “The Situation” needs to be careful because I really don’t think the fans will give him another chance to “improve”. He better do one heck of a job dancing next week otherwise he is gone too.

Did you see the dress Brooke was wearing tonight? The top was low and the bottom was short. Will she be wearing a bandaide next week for a dress? Sure she has the body to wear those clothes but come on, let’s be a little modest and show a lot less skin. I would be embarassed watching the show with my ten year old granddaughter if Brooke keeps dressing like that. I think it gives the wrong impression. Just my opinion.

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