Texting while driving causes more accidents during a two year period

Posted on: September 28, 2010

The American Journal of Public Health recently published their findings  that sending text messages while driving has caused an estimated 16,000 deaths from 2001 to 2007. In fact, fatalities have grown significantly since 2005.

The federal data shows that road fatalities due to “distracted driving” surged from 4,572 in 2005 to 5,870 in 2008 – a 28 percent increase in three years. Many of the deaths involved collisions with roadside objects because drivers are typing on their cell phones and veer off-track into poles, traffic lights or even cars.

Thirty states now have legislation prohibiting texting while driving but catching someone who is texting is difficult for law enforcement to enforce. In fact, this epidemic of texting while driving seems worse than drunk drivers.

Unfortunately, car companies aren’t exactly keeping the risks of distracted driving in mind when designing their next-generation vehicles. Ford, for example, is offering Twitter and Pandora apps as part of a dashboard console entertainment “hub” that also seems like a recipe for distracted disaster.

What is needed is to strengthen laws and beef up enforcement along with encouraging better driving practices for every driver. Take the pledge not to text while driving, the life you save can be your own.


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