Week 2 of Dancing with the Stars – Ballroom dances

Posted on: September 28, 2010

Those stars that are serious about winning showed up last night on Dancing with the Stars. Some of the real contenders are Rick Fox, Kyle Massey, Audrina Patridge, Kurt Warner and Jennifer Gray. Finally, Florence Henderson and Margaret Cho decided to get serious and started dancing and left out the comic routine. They both did a fantastic job – keep it up.

It looks like Brandy is going to be problem this season. Why does Maks get the women stars who think they know everything and constantly fight with him? Maybe Maks is the one who has the problem and not the women stars, something to consider.

We also have two criers among the stars. Audrina Patridge was boo hooing last night because she missed her “life” and family. Well when you make a commitment you have to follow through with it no matter what.  She performed well on her Quick Step. Tony said that if they didn’t get three eights he would wax his legs. They only got two eights so next week we’ll see how the wax job came out.

Margaret Cho also cried because she realized that she could dance. Doesn’t she know there is no crying in dancing!!!

Sarah Palin was at the show last night with her daughter, Piper. Piper is a real cutey and screamed and whooped it up for her big sister Bristol.  Bristol’s Quick Step was fun to watch but she needs to loosen it up more. She also has to work on getting a connection with Mark, her partner. I think she can go way into the dance season.

Michael Bolton was awful last night, his score was 12. What was up with him coming out of a dog house – how stupid was that! His problem is that he is dancing flat footed and really has no musicality. That’s a shocker because he is an excellent singer.

Another flat footed dancer is Mike “The Situation”.  He was somewhat better than last week, but he has a long way to go. I think the judges were generous giving him a score of 18.  

Thank goodness Brook was wearing a dress that wasn’t so low cut as it was last week. That dress last week was cut so low that it almost showed her navel. Yes, she is a pretty woman but come on, look in the mirror before you go on stage to see if you are showing anything that doesn’t need to be shown.

Who is leaving tonite? I predict Michael Bolton, he didn’t perform very well at all.

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