State wants to track medical marijuana purchases

Posted on: September 29, 2010

The state of Colorado wants to set up a tracking system  of buyers of medical marijuana purchases. Lawmakers feel that by tracking purchases will deter people from buying vast amounts of pot and selling it on the black market.

Some of the ideas on how to track purchases are monitoring purchases by video surveillance, a central computer system to flag multiple purchases, fingerprinting marijuana patients and even radio-frequency devices on the pot sold similar to coded tags on library books. In addition, tracking could include requiring dispensaries to capture patient driver’s licenses on camera to record their purchases.

These types of regulations will provide basic protections to ensure that the system isn’t being abused by drug dealers. Legislators feel that it is important to monitor marijuana purchases because of the recent explosion of marijuana dispensaries in the past year in Colorado. If Colorado can come up with a good monitoring system, other states may follow suit.

However, patients of medical marijuana are vowing to fight tracking plans. They’re especially alarmed that state regulators have yet to issue specifics on how the tracking would work. They hope there aren’t any ulterior motives for tracking marijuana use.

A public hearing is planned in January however, the tracking system does not require lawmakers’ approval The tracking system can be initiated as an agency regulation.


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