Jimmy Johnson voted out on Survivor Nicaragua

Posted on: September 30, 2010

I’ve been watching Survivor the last few weeks and I’ve made some observations about the members of this year’s series. First of all, I was rather surprised that the older group voted out Jimmy Johnson. He was in the series for only 9 days and I’m sure he’s happy that he can go home. But I think he did bring some type of cohesiveness to the older group. I really didn’t buy his theory that he wanted to help someone in his tribe to get the million dollars but that was his strategy. We’ll see how the older group does without him.

Now I have to vent on the younger group survivor. NaOnka Micon is a big brat and bully. Her attitude towards her team members is atrocious. I know this is Survivor but this little bully needs to go as soon as possible. Almost at the get go she goes off on one of the guys they nicknamed “Flavio” on her tribe and now she is going off on another girl on her tribe. This gal has a prosthetic leg but seems to be able to keep up with the challenges. NaOnka’s scuffle with her to get a clue to the hidden immunity idol was really sad. Then she has the nerve to trash talk her. I’ll be doing the “happy dance” when she is voted out.

Hope you are enjoying Survivor Nicaragua and I’ll be blogging about it next time.

Until next time,


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