I love Greta van Susteren!

Posted on: October 2, 2010

Did you happen to catch Greta’s interview with Gloria Allred the other night? As you may know, Greta is a lawyer and she is really sharp when it comes to defending clients. She told Gloria that she would have never put her client in jeopardy like Gloria was doing becaus it wasn’t in the client’s best interest.

Here is a link  to an article and video on the interview. Gloria Allred is the lawyer for Nicki Santillan, the illegal maid who worked for Meg Whitman a Republican who is running for Governor of California. She was their maid for nine years. When the Whitman’s found out that she was illegal, they let her go.

What happened was the Whitman’s hired her from an agency and thought everything was on the up and up. But after a year or two of employment they received a letter from Social Security asking to verify Santillan’s Social Security number. Whitman’s husband asked the maid to check into it and never thought of it again. But six months before Meg Whitman decided to run for governor of California, they found out that Santillan was here illegally and she provided them as well as the agency with a fraudulent Social Security number and driver’s license. That’s when they let her go.

The other night, Greta van Susteren interviewed Santillan’s lawyer Gloria Allred. All Allred could claim that was so horrible about Meg Whitman was that she lied about knowing about the letter from Social Security. And that her client, the illegal maid, was being persecuted by Whitman. That’s when Greta ripped into Allred.

Greta took no prisoners in that interview, she called Allred’s attempt as “insane” and “delusional” and said that she is “putting a big neon sign on” on her client. Then Allred had the nerve to say that this situation was similar to Rosa Parks. That’s when Greta let her have it.

You have to watch the video to enjoy the beat down that Greta gave Gloria. It’s a wonderful sight to see.

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