Under Cover Boss goes all weepy this week

Posted on: October 4, 2010

If you watched Under Cover Boss last night, you better have had some tissue to wipe your eyes. It was at least a three tissue show.

The Under Cover Boss was Kim Schaefer, CEO of Great Wolf Lodge. Her resort businesses are located in Texas, Washington and Ohio. These resorts have over 127 water slides and indoor water parks for their customers. Their brand is “make time for your family.”

What really happened was that her employees were too busy at these resorts to make time for their families! Of course at the end of the show, Schaefer turned things around and gave out a lot of promotions, gave time off for some of her employees and even offered to pay for one of her employee’s daughter’s college education. Wow! Where was she when I needed her for our son’s college education?

She also decided to design more Cub Club Education programs – a good thing. She learned how to work hard when she was at one of her largest resorts in Grapevine, Texas. She was monitoring the swimming pool area when an AFR alert was sent up. This sounded urgent; was someone drowning in the pool? No, there was poop in the pool and she was tasked to clean it up -a real humbling experience.

Next week’s show is featuring the CEO of DirectTV. That should be interesting.

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