Story telling dances on Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: October 5, 2010

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars featured a story line for each of the dances that the stars performed. Some stories were interesting and easy to follow and some were not so clear.

I really liked Kyle Massey’s Waltz. He sold the story line about a young teenager falling in love. The judges liked it too and gave him a score of 23. Kurt Warner’s Fox Trot was really good. His infectious smile gave his performance that extra kick that he needed. Bruno said that Kurt reminded him of Gene Kelly and I agree. The judges gave him a score of 23.

Both Jennifer Grey and Brandy Norwood did the Samba. Jennifer had some missteps but Brandy really rocked. Both received a score of 24.

Who can deny Florence Henderson’s Waltz was awesome. She danced to the song “Edelweiss” from the Sound of Music and it was great. Did you see her partner Cory steal a kiss from Florence at the end of the dance? That was cute. Her score was 20.

But the two that really rocked the show last night were Aurdina Patridge and Rick Fox. Audrina’s Waltz was almost perfect, she got two nines from the judges and her score was 26. Rick Fox’s Samba showed that he is a real contender once again. Very sexy and looked terrific. His score was 24.

Bristol Palin’s Fox Trot was nice but I still felt no connection between her and her partner Mark. In fact, I think she is still terrified to make a connection with the audience. Her score was 19.

Then there was Mike, “The Situation”, with his Fox Trot. Last week Michael Bolton came out of a dog house and this week, Mike “The Situation” was dancing around a time machine. I didn’t get the story line on this one and once again it was all herky-jerky to me. He received a score of 20 and for the life of me, I don’t know why? I think his dance was terrible.

Margaret Cho’s Samba seemed fun and with high energy. Her costume was very colorful and her story line was that she was dancing with enthusiasm for all gay people coming out and pronouncing that sexual preference. Whatever! She had several missteps and I really think she may be eliminated tonight.

Did you see what Brooke was wearing last night? Once again her “ta-ta’s” were hanging out and her long dress was a dull color that didn’t flatter her one bit. Put a T-shirt on Brooke!

Susan Boyle was supposed to sing on tonight’s show but she has a throat infection and canceled. I kiddingly said that Michael Bolton should perform tonight. At the end of the show that is what they announced. What a real trooper Michael Bolton is.

Tonight we’ll find out who is eliminated. My suggestions are Mike “The Situaiton” or Margaret Cho.

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