Deadliest Catch season may have life after all

Posted on: October 6, 2010

With the problems that are haunting this season’s show Deadliest Catch, there may be life to the series this fall. It has been reported  that Phil Harris’ sons will return to the show this fall. As you may remember, Phil Harris died last season and everyone was speculating if his sons may take over the helm of his ship and return for another season.

Then there was the problem of the breach of contract lawsuit against Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand, captains of the Time Bandit. When Sig Hansen, the Captain of the Northwestern, decided not to join the series in show of solidarity for his friends and fellow fisherman, the show seemed doomed.

But Josh and Jake Harris are planning to return to the show. They feel that their dad made a connection with so many fans and not to do another season would be unfair to those fans. Sig Hansen’s brother, Edgar, has left the door open to be involved in the upcoming season. Finally, it is unclear that Keith Colburn, Captain of the Wizard, may also be involved.

If all the dominoes fall in place, there just may be another season of Deadliest Catch to watch on the Discovery Channel.

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