The stars performed to acoustic Tango and Rhumba dances in the round

Posted on: October 12, 2010

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars showcased acoustic Tango and Rhumba dances in the round. Pretty dicey for dancers, one misstep and they are off the stage. But nothing like that happened last night. The only tragedy was how the judges were scoring the stars.

Take for instance how the judges are scoring the youngest dancers – Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin. Both are teenagers who performed Rhumbas but it seems that the judges really like Kyle’s performance when compared to Bristol’s performance. Once again the theme for Kyle was a young man trying to capture the attention of a girl. Big deal! That theme is getting really boring for me. Why don’t they give the same pass to Bristol? She is a young girl but working hard at trying to mature into a woman.

Then Kurt Warner performed a Rhumba and did a great job. But the judges only gave him a score of 34 out of 60. His technical score was 15 and his performance was 19. When you compare his dance to Florence Henderson’s, she received 17 for Technical and 18 for Performance for a total score of 35. Quite frankly, I think Kurt did a much better performance than Florence.

Then there is Mike “The Situation” who danced the Argentine Tango. It was awful. It looked like his partner, Karina, was dancing a pole dance. Mike just stood there to do lifts and grab her. Nothing spectacular for me. Rick Fox’s Argentine Tango was also not very good. It looked as though he was walking through the dance. In my opinion, not his dance even though Len liked it.

Jennifer Grey keeps the competition high. What a great Argentine Tango she performed. I think she can be considered as “Queen” of the Argentine Tango. Audrina Patridge also did very well. She is a real competitor. Brandy Norwood’s Rhumba was very sexy and the judges gave her a score of 48 out of 60. If she could only stop complaining and just dance, she may be in the final three at the end of the season.

Thanks goodness Brooke has finally decided to dress appropriately. Her gown was very nice and tasteful. She looked gorgeous.

Who will be eliminated tonight?

Mike “The Situation” has got to go, but I’m sure he has a fan base that will keep him in the competition. Too bad, he is not getting any better. I’ll be watching tonight to find out, will you?

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