Another stupid criminal’s story

Posted on: October 13, 2010

You know when the economy is bad when thieves are stealing  storm grates. In Denver and Aurora, Colorado thieves are stealing storm grates from public roads and presumably selling them as scrap metal.

Now these grates aren’t the lightest things to steal. You can’t pick them up and put them under your coat. They weigh about 150 pounds each. But criminals have stolen about 15 storm grates in a five block area in Denver. Perhaps these criminals live in the area?

The cost to the city of Denver to replace the storm grates is nearly $200. Thieves who take them to scrap metal yards only get $8 to $12 each. Not exactly a good revenue generating proposition, but maybe just enough to buy drugs for their drug habit?

Be careful when driving around the city of Denver and Aurora and look out for missing storm grates on the road.


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