What the rescue of the trapped miners in Chile really means

Posted on: October 13, 2010

Watching the rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean miners last night was awe inspiring. For 69 days these men were trapped over 2,000 feet underground. They were able to survive the initial mine collapse because they all decided to go to a safe area to have lunch just before the mine collapsed. Was it luck, good fortune that they did this or was it fate? Did these miners represent how we should live our lives?

What these miners did was bring the world together for 69 days. The world waited and watched during this time to see how this rescue would end. Many mine experts from around the world worked very hard to design a rescue capsule and rescue shafts to bring these men out. Can you imagine that a capsule only 21” wide could be lowered into a shaft and safely bring out trapped miners?

Even NASA developed a food program to keep the men as fit as they could be for those long tortures days. It didn’t matter if you were Chilean or American or Western European, or if you were Christian, Jewish, or Islamist, these men needed help and the world responded.

When the first miner was brought up, you could hear cheering around the world. These miners all of sudden belonged to the world because we as humans care about each other. They became our fathers, brothers and cousins. They will always be our loved ones who needed our help.

The rescue of these miners is the best lesson all of us can learn during the upcoming Holiday Season. We are all brothers and sisters of the world. Even if you weren’t Chilean, you could feel a pride of accomplishment and relief that these men will soon be safe in the arms of their loved ones. For one brief moment it wasn’t “us against them,” it was us working hard to save our brethren.

Let’s take this lesson into the Holiday Season and pray that everyone around the world understands that this is the way we should live.


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