Frontier Airlines featured on Under Cover Boss

Posted on: October 18, 2010

Last night’s Under Cover Boss featured Frontier Airlines CEO Bryan Bedford. As a very religious man who has eight kids, this episode was very poignant. Sometimes it was over the top with sentiment but it was a nice episode to watch.

Frontier Airlines is based in Denver, Colorado and has 6,000 employees throughout the U.S. This airline merged with two other airlines and as a result they had to cut their employees’ wages by 10%. Obviously, this hurt a lot of good employees but because of bad economic times, many employees remained with the company.

I personally have not flown with Frontier but they were saying that they have the best customer service when compared to the bigger airlines. The one job that was very interesting was the “Cross Utilization Agent.” This job is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Here all the employees do all the work. They are ticket agents, clean the plane, remove the lavatory water and load baggage on board the plane. In the heat of the summer in Oklahoma, these employees were pretty pungent and maybe not really acceptable to meet and greet the public. Mr. Bedford said that something should be done about this but never did say what they were planning to do in Oklahoma.

Most of the jobs were in Denver, Colorado from aircraft cleaners, flight attendants – don’t they have to go to school for this and not a one-time shot at it? – to cleaning lavatories on the ground. The employees that Mr. Bedford met were good, honest, Christian people that have personal stories to share. One story that caught my attention was of Sue who was an aircraft cleaner. Her son was killed several years ago and she turned her sorrow to helping the homeless in the community. As you know, Frontier Airlines features animals on their plane’s tails. They are very popular and Mr. Bedford will be dedicating an “antelope” to the memory of Sue’s son.

Finally, Mr. Bedford announced that management will recover the 10% pay cut for their employees by giving them an increase of 3% for the next three years. I guess that is better than nothing.

Next week we visit NASCAR to see how their CEO handles his employees.

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