Safe2Tell program a huge success

Posted on: October 19, 2010

What do kids do when they are bullied, harassed or assaulted? Most of the time, they don’t tell anyone and that’s the problem. However, in Colorado the Attorney General wanted to make sure that these kids had somewhere or someone to go to. That’s when the Safe2Tell Program was implemented  in 2004-2005 school year.

Since then police have received over 2,800 anonymous tips from students. This program has been able to prevent or put a stop to problems at schools, including gang issues, bullying and student harassment. The program takes you to a website where you can leave information about situations. This helps with child abuse, alcohol, suicide threats, vandalism, sexual assaults and other concerns that student may have.

As a result of students tips there have been 67 arrests, 393 investigations and 284 cases of school disciplinary actions. The Safe2Tell has expanded from a website to a text messaging system – Safe2Text – for students in one of the largest school district in Colorado.

Every school district in the country should have a similar program. Let’s help our kids learn not to be afraid to tell especially if telling may save a life.


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