Tired of political robo-calls – then vote early

Posted on: October 19, 2010

Only two weeks before November 2nd and quite frankly, I can’t wait. You see for the past few weeks all the phone calls- about four to five robo-calls a day- are driving me crazy. I can set my watch to the first one – mid-morning – then about two mid-afternoon and about another 2 early evening. If you don’t answer the phone, these robo-calls come faster and more frequent until you have to pick up the phone.

Not only do we get political robo-calls we also are getting opinion polling calls. I have answered at least a dozen or more opinion polls in the same time period. They ask the same questions and guess what, I haven’t changed my mind on who I will vote for or how I feel about the direction of the country. I don’t change my mind all the time. Once I make up my mind, I go full steam ahead and keep my opinion on it.

So when I found out, how I can stop the robo-calls I was ecstatic!  Since I live in one of the states that allow early voting and I have my ballot in hand, all I need to do is fill out my ballot and drop it off. These campaigns are following who has and has not voted. If you haven’t voted yet, they bombard you with robo-calls until your head explodes!

So first thing tomorrow morning I’m going to fill out my ballot and turn it in. Warning to all the campaigns – STOP CALLING ME! I’m NOT going to answer the phone anymore because my mind is made up and now written in stone. For those of you, who can’t vote early, hang in there only two more weeks before November 2nd.

Until next time,



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