DWTS – the Results Show

Posted on: October 20, 2010

Florence Henderson danced her last dance the other night. She was last night’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show star to leave. While it was amazing to see how a 76 year old woman could dance, it was time for her to go. There is no way that she could keep up with the demands of the show.

What a shock! Bristol Palin was saved to dance next week! Hope she steps it up because she is on the edge of being the next one to go. Let loose Bristol and just have a lot of fun. As for Kyle Massey, he also needs to step it up because it’s not looking good for him either.

Did you catch Shakira’s performance last night? The song had a nice beat and tempo but her dancing routine was nothing but a bump and grind. Thank goodness all the dancers including Shakira were wearing long pants otherwise it would have been an X-rated dance.

I loved the dress that Brooke Burke was wearing last night. Her dress was a nice royal blue with black beading and spaghetti strap dress that was tastefully done. Of course, it was a wee bit tight, but heck she has the body for it so why not show it!

The funny ads that the show portrayed last night were not really all that funny. Bruno’s DVD ad was downright scary and kinda sickening. The other ads were just dumb and not very funny. Adam Carolla must have written these ads, it looked just like his type of sense of humor which I find not very funny but more sarcastic.

Next week’s show will feature a Rock week on Dancing with the Stars. It should be a fun show to watch.

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