Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Posted on: October 21, 2010

“Sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite.” This used to be a sweet little saying you would say to your kids when putting them to bed. But now bed bugs have become a major problem that has been exploding throughout the country.

If you have bed bugs it doesn’t mean that you are a lousy housekeeper, it means that these little buggers have invaded your home  through no fault of your own. You can get bed bugs from movie theatres, department stores and even airplane seats. Of course the best place you may find bed bugs are in hotels.

So if you are staying in a hotel, here is how you can check to make sure your room doesn’t have them. Check under the bed covers, sheets, the mattress cover and the mattress itself. Look in the corners to make sure no bugs are hiding there.

Don’t use the hotel dresser or hang clothes in the closet. Use the luggage rack by placing your suitcase on the rack and place the rack away from the walls. Don’t forget to keep your luggage zipped up.

The reason why the bed bugs have gotten worse according to the Environmental Protection Agency because pesticides once used to control bed bugs have been outlawed. It doesn’t matter where you may live; these little buggers have been found everywhere.

The top 10 cities for bed bugs are Los Angeles, California, Washington, D.C., Dayton, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, Denver, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, Cincinnati, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New York, New York.


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