NASCAR’s Under Cover Boss

Posted on: October 25, 2010

Last night’s episode of Under Cover Boss featured the Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Phelps, of NASCAR. NASCAR was founded in 1947 and today they employ more than 10,000 people throughout the U.S.

Because of the recession, sales have been down 18% and it seems that people are opting out of watching the car races. As a result, Mr. Phelps wanted to see what the employees and fans want from NASCAR.

He went undercover as part of a pit crew. There he found that it takes great physical strength to change the 75 pound tires on a race car. Unfortunately, he didn’t do very well and it seems all he was good for is being a water boy for the driver.

At many of the speedways, families come in RVs and spend the weekend. He decided to see how that felt and stayed in an RV while he was working as a facilities manager in Daytona Beach, Florida.  There he was painting the road signs. It is hot and tough work but he met a man whose son has leukemia and was touched by his story. He then worked as a volunteer at one of the concession stands and found the couple to be upbeat and friendly. This couple works at the speedway as a fund raiser for their daughter’s cheerleading. They receive 10% of the proceeds.

Then he worked with a tire specialist and found that even though it isn’t rocket science it is complicated to make sure that all the tires for the race cars are calibrated correctly for the race cars. A tire bill for one race car can run $24K to $27K per month, so it is important that all the tires are calibrated correctly.

What this episode showed was that all the people working for NASCAR are not red-necks but just good hardworking people who love to be part of the sport of race cars. It is a clean and fun sport that you can take the whole family to watch.

This episode was another feel good show with no surprising outcomes. Mr. Phelps helped out the people he met with money and good intentions. Once again this was a nice episode that you and your kids can watch.

Next week, the Chiquita Banana Company will be highlighted. I love bananas!

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