Was Dancing with the Stars “Rocking” last night?

Posted on: October 26, 2010

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars theme was Rock week. But I don’t think it was really rocking at all. In fact, what were the judges watching last night that they gave poor scores to really good dances to some of the performances?

First of all, let’s all rock and roll to the Paso Dobla and the Tango. Huh? I would think the Jive would have been more appropriate.  

How could the judges score Aurdina Patridge (24) higher in her Paso Dobla than Kurt Warner’s Paso (18)? Her performance was lightweight and I did not see any intensity in her dance. Kurt Warner’s performance reminded me of a James Dean attitude. I thought it was a great performance by Kurt. Heck Bret Michaels gave him few tips on being a rock and roll king and it worked. I think Kurt must have made a remark about the judges because he is now losing favor with the judges. Kurt, you keep on dancing and performing as you are, you are doing a great job. Let the fans keep you in the show.

Rick Fox’s Tango seemed stiff to me but he got a score of 24. I really enjoyed Bristol Palin’s Tango, it showed a lot of improvement and she scored a 23. Kyle Massey’s Tango was good but not a score of 23 good. I just can’t relate to his performances, must be me.

Then there was Brandy Norwood’s Tango that seemed too intense for me. I would think that type of intensity should be left to the Paso Dobla and not to the Tango. The judges loved it and gave her a score of 26. You know she is a real basket case. She hangs on every word of the judges and seems to stress over everything. I hope she doesn’t get a nervous breakdown before the end of the show.

Speaking of a nervous breakdown, did you see Jennifer Grey’s performance last night? The judges gave her a 20 which is pretty low. It seems as though the pressure has gotten to her. At times she was intense with her Paso Dobla and at times she was out of control. She was giggling afterwards and I think she too may lose it soon.

Loved Brooke Burke’s gown last night. At first I thought they forgot some fabric on the dress because her right thigh was exposed. But then I realized that was the style of the dress. A nice black off the shoulder embroider dress that once again made her look very nice as a host of a show.

So who will be eliminated tonight? Right now I have no idea. Last night’s show was so out of whack with the judges’ scores and the audiences’ approval, I really can’t tell you who will be eliminated. Just have to watch tonight to find out.

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Great post! You might want to follow up on this topic..


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