The Results Show on Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: October 27, 2010

Last night’s Results Show on Dancing with the Stars was a real surprise. At the very beginning the lowest scorers, Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey were safe but the top performers were in jeopardy. When all was said and done Audrina Patridge was eliminated. A shock? No not really, she was technically good but had no performance in her dances. Her dance partner Tony did everything he could to make her look good, but in the end she was the one who lost it.

It was nice to see the judges showcase Bristol Palin and Mark’s Tango. It was very good and this time Bristol showed some personality in it. She really has a pretty smile and should smile more because it lights up her face.

Brooke’s dress was pretty. It was black, leather looking dress with a modest front. Like I said, she finally has found someone who can dress her up to look stunning and keep her within the parameters of a prime time show. Keep it up Brooke, I love to see those beautiful gowns on you.

Next week will be the 200th show of Dancing with the Stars. There will be lots of guests as well as former stars who will be judging the current stars’ dances. Maybe we will get fair scoring now. Hopefully, the judges will loosen up and start giving out great scores.

There are now only six left – Kurt Warner, Rick Fox, Kyle Massey, Bristol Palin, Brandy Norwood and Jennifer Grey – three guys and three gals.

I’ll make my prediction next week of who I think the top four stars should be.

Until next time,



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