Catalytic Converters are a hot commodity

Posted on: October 29, 2010

Recently, there has been a rash of thefts of catalytic converters in the Denver, Colorado area. Thieves are stealing these converters and selling them for scrap metal. The converters are located at the bottom of the vehicles and thieves use saws to cut them off.

These thieves are targeting 1995 to 2000 Toyota 4Runners because these models’ converters are made with precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. These metals bring in a lot of cash for the thieves.

If your converter is stolen, replacing it is very costly. It can cost you $160 to $1,800 to replace. But you can have markers placed on your converter that will track it if it is stolen. Or you can buy cages that can enclose the converters and secure them to your vehicle.

Who would have thought catalytic converters would be such a hot commodity but the price of precious metals has been rising quickly.


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