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Last night’s episode centered on fishing salmon in Bristol Bay area that Todd Palin has claimed for years. Now I’m a fisherperson and I use a simple rod and reel and consider that fishing. But in Alaska, when you fish you throw out nets to catch the salmon. Hardly any skill to that one. Of course, you need to make sure the tides are right so your nets won’t be stuck in the mud but it just seems unnatural for me.

When I fish if I catch three or four fish and I consider it a good day. However, when your livelihood is counting on a big catch you are looking at 3,000 or more fish to catch. So it is a working fishing trip. Not exactly like “Deadliest Catch” but it does make you money.

Their son Track was out of the military and ready to take over his Dad’s fishing area. There was some conflict between them but nothing they could work out. Todd just wanted to make sure his son can make a living off the salmon fishing that he has done for years.

It was Willow’s birthday in July so the whole family got together and celebrated her birthday. She also went out on a friend’s fishing boar to catch salmon. It may seem strange that she didn’t go to the shopping mall on her birthday but that is how things work in Alaska. You enjoy the “great outdoors” and leave all the superfluous worldly things out of your life. It is a good life that teaches values as to what is important.

We got to meet more of Sarah and Todd’s family in this episode. We meet sisters, cousins, great grandmas and friends. There was a poignant moment when Sarah and Piper meet their cousin Matthew, a Down Syndrome child.  He is about twelve and a twin. His twin brother does not have Down Syndrome so Matthew is very special to Todd’s family. Sarah said that she could see how Trig may be when he grows up. Matthew loves to fly in a plane and Todd said that he would take Trig with him in a plane as well.

Sarah’s commentaries are simple and filled with family and life values. It is special to live in Alaska also very expensive. Did you see the boats that they own for their fishing business and pleasure? I guess if you don’t have mass transit you have to do whatever it takes to get around in a very large state like Alaska.

Next week, Sarah and her father go caribou hunting. This is when we’ll see Sarah bag a caribou with a high powered rifle.

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A recent article shows that the former Mayor of Denver, John Hickenlooper, and now the elected governor of Colorado, has a rental house that is an eyesore in the neighborhood. His rental property located in a north Denver neighborhood has been rented out for the past four years to a member of his security detail. Unfortunately, the renter has not cleaned up the outside of the house.

There are weeds at least two feet high and the lawn has not been watered all summer long. This isn’t the first time that Hickenlooper’s rental has been in poor shape. According to neighbors, for the past four years, the rental property has been an eyesore in the neighborhood.

According to city records, Hickenlooper has been given warnings throughout the years but never paid a fine. He claims that the upkeep of the yard is the responsibility of the renter but the renter has been in ill health for the past six months. When questioned if the renter can’t do the work than should the owner be responsible for the upkeep? Hickenlooper refused to answer the question.

While more than 200 people in other homes in the neighborhood have been given fines that total more than $57,000 in 2009, Hickenlooper has not received any such fines. Is this political or just an error.  A spokesperson for the city claims that the reason Hickenlooper’s property was never fined is that the department did not receive the three valid complaints in a growing season needed to move the process to fines.

However, this leads to a question – If Hickenlooper can’t even take care of his rental property, how can he take care of the State of Colorado as governor?

Last night’s show featured two more dance routines from the final three celebrities – Kyle Massey, Bristol Palin and Jennifer Grey. All of them did a great job but once again you could see the judges’ prejudices to Bristol Palin. The judges loved Kyle and Jennifer’s dances. Granted Jennifer was awesome last night and I totally agreed with her perfect score of 60. But with Kyle they put him in second place and dropped Bristol to third place. Kyle was good but not that good. Bristol has bloomed into a good dancer and a good performer. She was all smiles last night and you could tell she was having fun.

However, in the end the true champion won – Jennifer Grey. She did a great job despite her physical injuries and maladies. After 10 weeks of training and dancing and with four weeks training prior to the first show, anyone would be really hurting.

It was fun watching the previous celebrities dance again. Some of the dance routines were cute and some were just weird. Mike “The Situation” dance routine was bizarre and all he did was stand there and flex his abs while the girls danced around him. Kurt Warner and Rick Fox was fun to watch and I think they both won their dance competition. Hasselhoff’s dance was cheesy just like him. Michael Bolton didn’t show up for the show because he was in concert, but I think he wasn’t even planning to come back after Bruno’s rude comment to him. I saw Brandy at the beginning of the show but I must have missed her dance routine later on. She never did do a dance performance, was it because she was too stressed out? What a prima donna!

Brooke Burke’s gown last night was gorgeous. Her black cut-out gown was gorgeous but didn’t she wear something like this before? Maybe next year the show will have more money for dresses for Brooke so she won’t have to wear the same thing more than once.

So another season of Dancing with the Stars is over. Yes, there was controversy and yes most of it was hype. But isn’t that show business?

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In the past, job seekers prided themselves in being a “specialist”. For example, being a Project Manager, Human Resource, Marketing, IT specialist, etc. But in today’s tough economy, being that specialist may not get you a job.

According to a recent article,  employers are now looking for “Hybrid Employees.” But what is a “hybrid employee?” If you have skills in human resources as well as in planning special events or marketing or even developing social media, this is what an employer is looking for. It used to be known as “jack of all trades – master of none.”

The reason for you to be a multi-faceted employee is simple: you can do the work for at least two people and help save money for a company. Employers are looking for people who can do multiple things and do it well.

So if you have skills in web development or social networking as well as a professional project manager, don’t forget to include that in your resume. Or if you are a sales person who has experience in marketing you may just find your resume at the top of the “to be interviewed” list. Of course, training or experience in technology is always good to have even if your experience was purely volunteering for your church, school or civic organization.

What job seekers need to understand that future jobs will not be limited to a certain skill set or experience. Don’t be afraid to include your multi-diverse skills in your resume. This just may be what employers are looking for.

Recently, ICE officials in Colorado and Wyoming arrested 85 immigrant fugitives who had prior criminal convictions. ICE agents and local police located and arrested 82 immigrants across Colorado and three in Wyoming. Seventy-eight of these immigrants had prior convictions for serious or violent crimes including sexual assault, possessing and selling dangerous drugs, drunken driving, and assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Eighteen of these people arrested were immigration fugitives with outstanding orders of deportation and who failed to leave the country.

In fact, twenty-one of those arrested have been previously deported and face a felony conviction for re-entry that carries a maximum penalty of twenty years in prison. For those illegal immigrants who have outstanding orders of deportation, or who returned to the United States illegally after being deported, are subject to immediate removal from the country. The remaining immigrants in ICE custody await a hearing before an immigration judge, or pending travel arrangements for removal in the near future.

Of those arrested, 73 were men and 12 were women. They range in age from 34 to 63. The illegal fugitive immigrants come from the following nine countries: El Salvador 7, Poland 1, Dominican Republic 1, Guatemala 2, Mexico 66, Uganda 1, South Korea 1, Honduras 5, and Mongolia 1.

Even though 85 people were arrested that still leaves thousands more of illegal immigrants who commit crimes and deal in drugs. This is a never-ending job and won’t be done until the U.S. secures the borders to stop these people from coming into the country illegally.

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars showed that all the celebrities were pumped up to perform their “A” game. Kyle Massey’s redemption Fox Trot dance where Len gave him pointers was really good. Hey the kid can learn!  But his Freestyle dance was a Hip Hop and I really don’t care for that kind of dancing. Len didn’t either. Kyle received a total score of 56.

Bristol Palin’s redemption Jive was fun and had lots of energy. Bruno gave her some pointers and I think she followed up with just having lots of fun. Her Free Style was from the Broadway musical Chicago and it was good and she showed passion. But the judges weren’t too happy with it because Bristol is not a professional and they have seen too many professionals dance to the song. She received a total of 52 points – once again the last on the leader board.

What can I say about Jennifer Grey? She is awesome and fantastic – a real dance performer. Her redemption dance the Pasa Dobla was excellent, Carrie Anne gave her some pointers and Jennifer followed through. But the most fantastic dance that Jennifer did was in her Free Style. She danced to a song from “Dirty Dancing.” How appropriate, she started with a song from “Dirty Dancing” and ended with one – came full circle. Of course it was awesome and her total score was a perfect 60.

Tonight the celebrities will dance two more dances and with those scores combined with yesterday’s judges’ scores and viewers’ scores a new champion will be crowned. There has been a lot of gossip that Bristol Palin has this in the “bag” but I really think the winner will be Jennifer Gray.

Also I hope Brooke Burke has another lovely gown to wear tonight. Last night’s silver over the shoulder gown was very classy. Maybe the producers will have her wear a spectacular dress tonight to end the season.

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Tonight the celebrities of Dancing with the Stars will compete for the Mirror Ball Trophy. A lot has been said about how “Tea Partiers” and Conservatives were stuffing the vote for Bristol Palin. According to reports, many people have been using phony email addresses to cast their votes on line for Bristol. One person should have one time voting privileges not vote several times with different email addresses. Gossip says that these people have deviced this plan to show Liberals how they have stuffed the ballot boxes and tainted elections.

Whatever you believe, let’s just have the best person win this dance competition.

What was the true meaning of this competition? If memory serves me right it was taking a celebrity with no dancing experience, teaching and training them to dance and perform, and if they do well – they win! Simple concept for a simple trophy. Let’s put partisan politics aside and just enjoy tonight’s final.

Good luck to Kyle, Bristol and Jennifer and knock ’em dead!

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I have to admit it. I only watched bits and pieces of this show because the Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas were playing for the MLS Cup. I’ve been a fan of soccer for a long time and I just had to watch this match which didn’t disappoint me. At the end of the match my Colorado Rapids won the Cup with a 2-1 score. This is the first Cup win for this team in franchise history.

Congrats to them! If you want to read more details of the game click on this link

As for Sarah Palin’s Alaska Part 2, it showed more of her family. Bristol joined them at a shooting range and fishing trip. We saw Trig and Todd’s parents and of course Piper when they went clam digging. Piper is a precocious 9 year-old and gives the show some light heartedness. Willow was elusive, because she is a teenage girl. Once again they went out on a “family trip” in their very expensive RV. Nice way to travel.

Sarah talked about all the tabloid gossip about her and her family and interjected it with lots of sarcasm. She also reflected on how hard work makes one a better person. She showed this when she and Bristol were helping a halibut fisherman on his boat and even prepared the halibut through the processing plant. Her pay was a halibut for dinner, nice pay and I’m sure it was delicious.

It would have been better if there were quieter moments during the process. Because what Sarah says off the cuff is not very interesting. They should have done this like Mike Rowe’s show, “Dirty Jobs.” There he explains in a scripted voice what is going on during the process. Bristol agreed with her Mom that hard work makes one better – got that Bristol a little hard work never hurts anyone.

Next week Sarah catches up with her Down syndrome nephew and according to the trailer she gets very emotional about the whole situation. So get ready for some weepy times next week.

This show is a nice family show with lots of pretty scenery. You could watch it with your kids but I’m afraid they would also be bored to tears throughout the show.

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Thankfully, I believe this is the last show of the season.

For the past three to four weeks this show has turned from a bad staged show to downright bad T.V.  Last night’s Under Cover Boss featured Don Fertman, Chief Development Officer of Subway. Last week we had to watch an old hippie going through meditation to crying at a drop of a hat and now this week we watched another old hippie who had a bad childhood and was incompetent in making sandwiches. What a surprise!  Once again, this series shows bosses as incompetents and their employees the real people running the business.

Oh please, that isn’t how it happens. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and that is what makes a business successful by combining everyone’s strengths and weaknesses to make a business run. Then of course, each episode shows how the boss wants to make their employee’s lives better and at the end the boss promises to be a better boss and then hands out tons of money to their employees and everyone is happy and speechless. What a kumbaya moment! How lame is that?

But I can’t let this last show go unnoticed. I was absolutely peeved about their 19 year-old manager at their Orlando, Florida store. If Jessi was my manager, I would have walked out the first hour there. She had no professionalism at all. She was making fun of the “old guy” and was downright mean just on his first day there. Come to find out she had “issues” that made her belligerent to older people. Her mother had left her and her dad when she was younger and it seems that she was taking out her hostility on Fertman. Now I’m no psychologist but this gal has some serious problems. She wasn’t tough and she wasn’t funny, she was pathetic. I would have fired her if I were her boss.

The only thing I learned from the show was that Subway is planning to franchise “free standing stores”. What this means is that they are planning to insert stores in malls and even churches. In Buffalo, N.Y. a trial store was put in place that also delivered to customers. What a great idea for small communities and I hope this works out.

Once again, I hope that this series doesn’t come back next season or that they change their theme and make it real and not staged.

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A car break-in thief in Jarrettsville, MD has been caught. Rory W. Leftwich age 41 has been pretty busy since he started his crime spree back in September.

When the police searched his home they found more than 100 GPS units stolen from vehicles along with portable electronic game systems, iPods and other MP3 devises, sport equipment, clothing and more. The police figure that he has broken into more than 100 cars since his crime spree began. The value of all the stolen items that the police recovered is worth $25,000.

He faces theft and theft scheme charges along with second-degree burglary charges and illegal possession of a firearm. It sounds as though Mr. Leftwich is no stranger to crime.

Why would anyone want to break into cars and steal electronics and even clothes? Do you think he did it to feed his drug habit? For sure he didn’t steal from cars to feed his family.

This is a reminder to make sure that you remove all valuable items from your car and lock your car at all times. You never know if a Leftwich is hanging around waiting to break-in and steal valuables from your car.

To read the full story clink on this link