Chiquita banana Under Cover Boss

Posted on: November 1, 2010

Last night’s Under Cover Boss featured the Chairman and CEO of Chiquita banana, Fernando Aguirre. Thank goodness he went into management because this man probably never did an honest day of work in his life. When it came to physical work, he was awful. He couldn’t keep up with picking lettuce, or washing salad or even driving a forklift truck. But he was under cover to find out how he could make the company better.

Chiquita banana not only provides bananas but they also own the Fresh Express salad as well as a small investment in the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Aguirre traveled to a distribution plant in Boston, Massachusetts, a Fresh Express production plant and harvesting area in Salinas, California, and one of the biggest ports of entries in the U.S., Wilmington, Delaware.

One of his goals was to offer opportunities to legal immigrants to become citizens as well as giving them more opportunities in the company. He is a legal immigrant from Mexico and became a legal citizen of the U.S.  This episode showed that the people working for Chiquita were very nice, down to earth, unassuming people. They were grateful for what they were doing. It seemed that no one complained but just did their work. Of course at the end, Mr. Aguirre gave out some goodies to the employees he was working with.

He enrolled one employee in a supervisory school and gave him a $10,000 scholarships for his kids’ college. He gave $5,000 to the SPCA for one of his employees and also installed an elevator in the plant so the worker wouldn’t have to walk up and down the steps all day long. He requested that all computers in the distribution plant be updated to make work easier. Finally, he called on his management team to develop a system to help give opportunities to their employees to grow with the company.

Next week we see how the Chicago Cub’s boss does as a regular employee.

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