Dancing with the Stars 200th show

Posted on: November 2, 2010

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars 200th show was fun to watch. Many of the previous stars from previous shows were in the audience and it was nice to see them. The Tango was the team dances and Apolo and Kristi Yamaguche were the guest stars to spur their team on. Both teams did an excellent job but Team Apolo won. Did you catch the male dancers on Team Apolo? They were all wearing head scarves and goatees and looked just like Apolo. That was great.

When it came to the individual dances Brandy Norwood’s Fox Trot and Jennifer Grey’s Tango got the highest scores. They are tied for first place. These individual dances were previous dances from former stars that received high scores. Brandy’s judge was Gilles and he loved her Fox Trot. Jennifer’s judge was Drew Lachay and he also loved her Tango. Between these two ladies there is more drama and anxiousness about their performances. They are talented and the drama is getting pretty tiring to watch. Jennifer claims that her body can’t keep up with all the dancing and Brandy shows no confidence in training.

Kurt Warner did an outstanding Tango and Emmitt Smith was his judge and gave him a score of 10. Rick Fox did the Quick Step with Helio as his judge giving him a nine.

Bristol Palin danced a Fox Trot. Kelly Osbourne was her judge, did you check her out? She must have lost a lot of weight but she did gain a lot of confidence. She looked great. Kelly gave Bristol a nine but said that she did a really good job for a non-star. Kyle Massey danced the Paso Dobla with Mel B. giving him a ten for the dance. Kyle did okay, but it didn’t seem very sexy just angrier.

When all the dancing is over, it is time to make a prediction of who will be leaving Dancing with the Stars. For me it is a toss-up between Kyle and Bristol.  But there were hints that Bristol may be the “dark horse” of the season and move into the final three. But then there is Rick Fox, he looked like an oversized leprechaun in his all green outfit with sequences. He has the personality but not the technique. We’ll see tonight who leaves.

Loved Brooke Burke’s red gown with the accent of tasteful pearls, she looked gorgeous and I hope she has more lovely gowns to wear in the weeks to come.

My prediction for the final four is: Kurt Warner, Brandy Norwood, Jennifer Grey and maybe Rick Fox or Bristol Palin.

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