The Dancing with the Stars Results Show

Posted on: November 2, 2010

It was difficult to watch the Results Show tonight what with the election returns coming in. But when all the votes were counted Rick Fox was eliminated this seventh week from Dancing with the Stars. Rick did the best he could, what with the height difference between him and Cheryl. He had poise, grace but not dancer feet.

Bristol Palin is still in the running, this was shocking to her as well as to me. Maybe she is the “dark horse” after all? Next week will be a twist to the dancing competition. The stars will work on dance steps but won’t have the music until minutes before they take the stage to perform. This should be interesting.

Tonight Taylor Swift sang a few songs as well as Rod Stewart. Rod Stewart is just an old soccer player turned singer and now he’s an old singer trying to be young again. He is performing in Las Vegas and quite frankly I wouldn’t pay money to see him perform. He’s too old!

The show also featured special awards. One for the Most Dramatic Moment went to Marie Osmond for her fainting spell. Another award was for Biggest Dancer Transformation went to Louis Van Amstel the pro for his different hair styles. Finally, an award for Best Judges Moments went to Bruno because of all of his antics when he was commenting on performances.

Brooke was dressed to the hilt tonight. She was wearing a black and silver sequined strapless dress that looked very nice on her. Once again, keep up the excellent looking wardrobe, you are looking more and more like a professional host of this show.

Did you catch what the next series will be starting in a couple of weeks? Skating with the Stars! Now I’m no fan of ice skating and I can’t skate at all even though I tried when I was younger, but this show may be lame or it may be interesting. Guess we’ll have to tune in and give it a look see.

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