Big Meth bust in the Denver area

Posted on: November 4, 2010

Recently, the North Metro Drug Task Force in Denver, Colorado arrested 15 people in connection to a major meth ring. Police and SWAT teams went to three metro-area neighborhoods where they confiscated two ounces of meth at one of the homes. Retail price for the meth is around $4,000. They also confiscated other materials used to make the drug.

These criminals would go to pharmacies around the metro area to buy legal amounts of boxed pseudoephedrine. They would then take them back to their labs to cook them for meth and then sell them on the streets.

Police say the ringleader is Michael McCullar, He was arrested along with his girlfriend, Mary Voogt. They say McCullar faces more than 30 felony charges including kidnapping and robbery. However, the arrests aren’t over. Police are looking for a total of twenty more people associated with the bust.

Because this meth ring is so big, sadly there are twenty children who were put in danger during the meth operations that were involved within these families.


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