Don’t be a victim of roofing scams

Posted on: November 5, 2010

One thing that I hate is criminals who prey on other people. A new scam  has hit a newly developed area in the Denver, Colorado area.

In Parker, Colorado, these low-life thieves are poising as city officials for the town of Parker. They claim to be field inspectors who are doing quality control inspections on roofs that have been completed. They go door to door and tell homeowners they need to inspect new roof for flaws. All they are doing is trying to scam unsuspected homeowners out of money.

What you need to know is that new homes are inspected before you move in by the city. This includes inside as well as outside including your roof. You get a certificate of occupancy from the city or county. If your roof was damaged by hail, you need to get a permit from your city or county before the roof is installed. In the city of Parker, about 4,000 roofing permits were issued because of hail storms.

Once your roof is replaced, an official from the city or county comes out and inspects the roof. These people drive city or county marked trucks and carry identification. Anyone else trying to poise as a county employee is just a scammer. No one should show up weeks or months later claiming to need to inspect your roof. Plus, if they are charging you for the inspection, you know they are scammers.

In addition, in the town of Parker all of its inspectors should be able to provide homeowners with an official report with the town logo in the upper left-hand corner.

If you are visited by anyone else trying to inspect your roof, call your local police department to report them. Let’s stop these low-life thieves.

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