Keith Olbermann is officially the Worst Person of the Year!

Posted on: November 5, 2010

MSNBC has just announced that Keith Olbermann has been suspended indefinitely without pay because of making campaign donations to three Democratic congressional candidates. This is in direct violation of NBC News ethics policy.

Do you mean to tell me that Olbermann acted unethically? This bozo who claims to be a news pundit has been spewing hate and lies about anyone he doesn’t agree with. Obviously, he is a liberal democrat and if you disagree with him he belittles you and calls you names.

I could not watch his program on MSNBC because he is everything a professional news pundit isn’t. His rants and raves and making fun of people was not what I wanted to see on a news program. Even when he was doing Monday Night Football, I would turn the channel rather than watch him.

So now the truth comes out, Olbermann is a partisan and not objective.  Heck, anyone who would watch him for less than three minutes could figure that out. I wonder who will be next on MSNBC – Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell or maybe Rachel Maddow?

Goodbye, Keith Olbermann it wasn’t nice to know you.

Until later,



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