We have been had with the Olbermann firing!

Posted on: November 8, 2010

After two nights suspension from MSNBC we now hear that Keith Olbermann will be returning  at his usual time starting Tuesday, November 9th.

Olbermann admitted that he gave political donations to a several Democrats in violation of NBC’s ethics rules. NBC and its affiliates claim that they want to stay “impartial” in their reporting. Anyone who ever watches MSNBC knows that is not happening at all with this TV station.

A two day suspension is just a slap on the hand. What has this world come to? Let’s say your son or daughter is found with Tylenol or even candy at school, they probably will be suspended for a week or more. You mean to tell me that having Tylenol at school is a fair worse crime than ethics violation?

So what was the big uproar by suspending him indefinitely? Well, it did get a lot of press and now NBC is hoping that people will tune in tomorrow to see if Olbermann has changed his ways or will he still be the insane, idiot he is.

We’ve been had and any TV station pulling that type of trick is not to be trusted at all. Heck, I don’t think their commercials are truthful either – just a joke. I won’t be watching MSNBC at all. There is no fair and impartial reporting from them.

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