Be aware of a nationwide locksmith scam

Posted on: November 9, 2010

You’ve locked your keys in your car and you call a locksmith to open your car door. Their office tells you it will be one price, but when a locksmith shows up he says it is another price – a higher price than what you were quoted.

A local news station  found that this scam is going on in the Denver, Colorado area as well as nationwide. The news reporter called locksmiths that advertised the cheapest rates in the area. Each company quoted them a $19 service charge and the cost of unlocking the car would be an additional $30. However, when they showed up, the price jumped 20% to 100% more.

But this bait and switch scam goes even further. The locksmiths that were called had dozens of different company names but advertised with local numbers. What happens when you call the phone numbers you are connected to an out of state phone bank. In addition, these locksmiths list fake addresses to make them look like they are local companies. This should be a red flag telling you that they are not as reputable as the can be. In addition, when the locksmith showed up they were driving personal cars instead of clearly marked service vehicles with their company name.

During these tough economic times, you don’t need to be told one price for service and then charged a higher price for that service. These fake companies are just looking to make money at the expense of unaware consumers. You’re better off to contact a local “mom and pop” locksmith in your area because they are the most reputable companies.

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