Drug violations up in Colorado Schools

Posted on: November 9, 2010

So how’s that medical marijuana working out for you?

A recent report shows Colorado is Number 1 in the country for marijuana use among teenagers. This would account for Colorado schools seeing a sharp increase of drug incidents according to newly released statistics.

According to a report in the “Education News in Colorado”drug related suspensions were up 31 percent over the 2008-2009 school year as well as drug related expulsion up 40 percent. This includes students caught possessing, selling or distributing illegal drugs on campus which was up 15 percent. When you take into account the number of drug incidents reported by schools districts, the statistics show that it rose 34 per cent during the same time period.

The statistics don’t reveal which drugs were involved but some educators and law enforcement officials are blaming the surge on the proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries in the past 18 months and the growing registry of Coloradans who may legally smoke pot.

They believe those two factors are combining to make marijuana more easily accessible than ever, and to convince youngsters that its use is socially acceptable. In fact the number of Coloradans carrying medical marijuana cards has swelled from 4,720 in late 2008 to an estimated 113,000 as of this past summer. Statistics also show that ninth and tenth graders are the largest group using marijuana.

State records show that as of February, at least 24 of those users are under age 18. In some school districts, teenagers are carrying marijuana prescriptions but the school has warned them not to smoke it at school. But smoking marijuana doesn’t stop there; there has also been an increase in baked goods on school campuses that are laced with marijuana.

Medical marijuana has its benefits for those who are truly ill and need the drug. However, the biggest challenge right now is that marijuana is becoming more of a social norm among teenagers not only in Colorado but also throughout the country. Through education and stricter regulations seem to be the only way to stop our kids from stoking up and endangering themselves and others.

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