My favorite dancer was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: November 9, 2010

I guess it was time for my favorite dancer Kurt Warner was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars. The judges seemed not to like him and kept giving him low scores.  I just can’t imagine that Kyle Massey is a better dancer than him. Kurt had style and technique and was fun to watch him dance. His smile was contagious and I really enjoyed his dancing.

Bristol Palin survived another week and she is in the semi-finals along with Jennifer Grey, no surprise, Kyle Massey, big surprise and Brandy. As for Brandy, she needs to relax and enjoy next week. Maks needs to challenge her more with her dancing because it is getting old watching the same old same old dance steps.

I really enjoyed watching the kids dance the Jive and was really impressed with Emilie Bear who is a child prodigy. She can really tickle those ivories!

The Dance Center with Kenny Mane, Jerry Rice and Len Goodman was lame. Kenny must have written the script because it was dry and not very funny. Jerry Rice looked ridiculous with all that makeup on and I don’t know why Len wants to be part of any of this.

Did you see what Brooke was wearing? Didn’t she wear that gown once before? I think the only difference was that she had a shawl covering her ta ta’s this time. Is the costume budget getting low for her?

Next week is the semi-finals, good luck to all the celebrities and I will miss watching Kurt Warner dance.

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