Target in litigation over coupon glitch

Posted on: November 12, 2010

Most of us clip coupons to help us save a few dollars when we shop. We assume that if the coupon is for $3 dollars off the price of the product the price will be $3 less.  However, a California woman found that when she presented her coupon to a Target store, she was short changed by $1.52.

As any red blooded American would do, she brought a lawsuit to seek a national class-action suit against Target for fraud, false advertising and a number of other charges. In the complaint, the woman states that when she shopped at a Target in Gardena, Calif., on Oct. 14, she bought approximately $36 worth of Huggies baby products, and presented three coupons totaling $9. However, she received a discount of $7.48, $1.52 short of the coupons’ amount.

These are tough economic times but to sue for an extra $1.52 seems a bit extreme. Target claims that it was a glitch in their computer that they knew about for months that was causing certain manufacturer’s coupons to ring up inaccurately.

However, Target has messed with the wrong woman because now she is looking for restitution in regard to this problem. In addition, the suit also charges the Minneapolis-based retailer with negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract, breach of “good faith and fair dealing” and unfair competition. The suit goes on to say that Target has “been unjustly enriched as a result of this wrongful conduct.” Target receipts are “difficult to read and understand, thereby making it difficult for consumers to discover they have been deceived.”

There is no report about how much money this woman is seeking for this class action suit.


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