Be aware when looking for love

Posted on: November 13, 2010

Recently, a scam has hit Match.Com. The old “Nigerian Letter Scam” has evolved into a new twist that may be hitting at least one dating website.

Here is how it works: A young lady is surfing Match.Com and finds an interesting young man. She starts talking with him online and finds out that he enjoys walks on the beach and has a daughter who he adores. What a great guy, right?

Wrong! This young man is not who he seems to be. He lives in Nigeria and after a few contacts with the young lady he tells her that he wants to open up an antique store but the antiques he was waiting for was confiscated in customs. He then asks her to send him some money- $2,500 – to get the merchandise out of customs and that the goods will be sent to her and then he will pick it up and put it into his antique store.

This is when she realized that her young man is not who he claims to be. A red flag went up and she stopped all communications with him and reported him to Match.Com.

Once again, if you think some websites are safe, they may not be. Always be vigilant to scams such as this and never send money to anyone you don’t know.


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