Sarah Palin’s Alaska show

Posted on: November 15, 2010

Just like everyone else, I was curious to see Sarah Palin’s Alaska last night. Just to see what the show was all about. Just like the title of the show it is about Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Of course, the first fifteen minutes made on and off references to the writer, Joe McGinniss a reporter writing an unauthorized biography. He moved next door to her to get any good gossip for his book about Sarah Palin. Of course, the famous fourteen foot fence was shown between the houses. And of course, cynical remarks were made by Sarah Palin. But if I was in her shoes, I would be cynical and really hate the idea that some idiot moved next door just to get dirt on me. So I’m not blaming her for that one.

All in all however, the show did show the splendor and majesty of Alaska’s last frontier of wilderness. But living in Colorado, I see these views every day. Maybe not seeing two brown bears fighting or moose walking around unabated, but I do understand about how majestic Mother Nature can be.

Sarah Palin did say what she wanted this show to accomplish. She wanted to show the rest of America the beauty of Alaska and meet with hard working Alaskans. How does she accomplish this? By taking day trips throughout the state, she shows us Alaska and those people who service tourists. You have to have a bunch of money to do the trips she is doing.

Take for instance, plane trips to go fishing and mountain climbing. Now I know that is the best way and sometimes the only way to go from one side of the state to the other. But the cost of those trips is not cheap.

What was really cute was her interaction with her family. Her daughter, Piper is a typical nine year old who is trying to find her own identity and sometimes not listening very well to her mom. But what nine year old does? Willow her teenage daughter is also very typical. So far we haven’t seen too much of Trig, her baby boy nor Bristol. But I’m sure that time will come. Todd, her husband, was once again in the background and didn’t really say much. Maybe he is the strong and silent type.

What I see that this show really represents is a staged reality show. If you can handle Sarah Palin saying, “flipin’” every thirty seconds when she is trying to climb a mountain, then you should enjoy this show. I’ll be watching next Sunday to see if it gets any better.

Until later,



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