Stupid criminals of the week

Posted on: November 15, 2010

Last week, three stupid and bumbling burglars were caught trying to break out of a Pot Shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Store surveillance video showed three men wearing masks jimmying their way through a back door of a Pot Shop.

Once inside the shop the men try to leave through the front door, but it was locked and surrounded by bars. When they tried to escape through the back door it was locked too. What happened was these three bumbling burglars jimmied the door to the point where they disabled the door. They couldn’t get out and the police couldn’t get in. However, the police did break down the door and arrested the criminals

Police identified the suspects as 23-year-old Darius Thomas, 22-year-old Cory Young and 22-year-old Ramone Hollins. Sadly, all three are active-duty Fort Carson soldiers. They face second degree burglary charges and $10,000 bond. In addition, there may be potential military consequences for their bungled burglary attempt.


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