Under Cover Boss – Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounges

Posted on: November 15, 2010

Last night’s Under Cover Boss showcased Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounges was a real strike out! I know when you bowl a strike that is a good thing, but this series was nothing but a real bust.

First of all the owner and CEO, Steven Foster, was an old hippie who meditates twice a day and weeps about everything fifty times a day. How amazing that this man forgot that he opened the bowling alley and lounge to make money, provide entertainment and recreation for the public and have employees who feel that they are part of the family. All of a sudden this man with a bad hair wig goes undercover and has an epiphany.

The best way to success is to treat your employees better because they are the front line to customer service. What a thought in a service industry!  Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge original bowling alley is in Hollywood, California. There he goes undercover and does marketing campaign as “Mr. Pin” the spokesperson for his company. He really gets into this job and from there it all goes from bad to worse.

He can’t be a bartender because he gives out too much booze; he can’t serve drinks because he drops a bottle of beer and then can’t find a customer. He can’t do mechanical work because he is slow and is all thumbs and he can’t even work a computer at one of the bowling alleys.

He needs to stay in the front office and let his talented employees do what they do every day. But he can give out $10,000 dollars of gifts to his employees and of course promote a couple of people. Just another typical outcome to Under Cover Boss.

This show is getting really old and I highly suggest that they don’t bring it back next season. Even I can write the script for this one.

Next week Subway CEO is shown bumbling through the show, can’t wait.

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