Dancing with the Stars – Who is going to the finals?

Posted on: November 16, 2010

It’s official; Jennifer, Kyle and Bristol are going to the finals next week. What a shocker to see that Brandy was eliminated or was it? Was she more focused on winning the Mirror Ball Trophy than dancing? Maks is a great pro and choreographer but it wasn’t to be this time around for him.

Kyle is a performer and not a dancer and I just can’t see him winning. As for Jennifer, she is a natural and really deserves the trophy but she is also a dancer and performer. However, it looks as though Bristol Palin is really the “dark horse” in this season’s competition. I hope she knocks it out of the park on Monday with her dancing and wins the Mirror Ball Trophy. As a non-dancer, non-performer winning this season would be fantastic.

It was fun watching the retro-jive dance performed by Derek and Cheryl. It was cute and fun to watch. This is the first time I heard Annie Lennox perform. I didn’t even know who she was but I looked her up on Wikipedia and found out that she is a Scottish recording artist, also known as being one member of the duo Eurythmics, which she formed in 1980. Didn’t care for her songs and what was all that jerking around the dancers were doing when she was singing – it was pretty bizarre!

Then there was Enrique Iglesias – nice to look at, has a great voice and I’m sure Bruno and Lou like him a lot! He is nothing like his father Julio Iglesias.

Once again Brooke was wearing a dress she wore before. The dress is an attractive black sparkling short dress but come on, give her new outfit for next week.

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