The Semi-Finals on Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: November 16, 2010

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars was the semi-finals where all the celebrities brought their “A” game. Each of the celebrities had a montage of how they got to the show and why they all want to win the Mirror Ball Trophy. Some were inspiring and some were very interesting.

However, the judges once again showed their favoritism when scoring their dances. Of course, Jennifer Grey, the daughter of Joel Grey, was outstanding with both of her dances. Her Cha Cha Cha and Waltz were exquisite and awesome. Granted she is a performer and she does know how to perform and dazzle the audience. But she is also a very excellent technical dancer. Of course her pro, Derek, is awesome as a choreographer. Jennifer was the only star that received a perfect 30 for each of her dances, and rightly so.

Brandy Norwood’s Paso Dobla told a story that was interesting. A love hate relationship but she was not that all technical in her dancing. Her Argentine Tango was filled with lifts and stretches and the judges loved it. As for me, I really didn’t care too much for it. Her score was a 57 and it looks as though she may be a contender to move on to the finals next week.

Bristol Palin has finally come out of her shell and dazzled us with her performance with the Paso Dobla that was very dramatic as well as technically sound. So why didn’t she get a perfect 30? The judges only gave her a 27 for the dance. Her Waltz was excellent, very dramatic as well as great technique. But Carrie Anne said she saw no connection between her and Mark. What does Carrie Anne want her to do, jump Mark’s bones? I thought Bristol did an excellent job and should go onto the finals. Her total score was 53 the lowest, again.

Kyle Massey is a true performer but not a great dancer. The judges love him but technically he is still doing the same wrong missteps he has been doing since the beginning. First of all, he turns his feet in instead of pointing them. I watched both his Argentine Tango and Samba and he turned his feet in instead of pointing it. But that didn’t matter with the judges; they scored him higher than Bristol Palin. His total score was 58.

Brooke Burke’s dress was gorgeous. She wore a white strapless sequence top with a pleated skirt gown. Her dress was very tasteful and she looked very pretty.

Who will be eliminated? Will Bristol Palin be the “dark horse” and go on to the finals next week? Will Brandy or Kyle be eliminated? I don’t know? This year’s Dancing with the Stars has too many variables that I can’t predict. I’ll be watching tonight to see who moves on to the finals next week.

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