Pot growers defend their stash

Posted on: November 20, 2010

This is a true story but really bizarre. According to a recent article ,, illegal pot growers are taking steps to protect their marijuana plants from thieves who want to steal from them. Two Fort Collins, Colorado brothers were laying in waiting for thieves who jumped a fence with backpacks ready to gather up the brothers’ marijuana plants.

The brothers who were waiting inside a parked truck had been through this once before. Someone tried to steal their pot plants once before. When the thieves were in the area, the brothers jumped out of their vehicle and attacked the thieves with various weapons – a 2×4, a shovel or a broom handle. Three of the thieves fled but the brothers captured one of them. The brothers repeatedly hit the thief and forced him into a Suburban and drove him around trying to find the other thieves. The brothers then ransacked the thief’s vehicle and then took him home.

So what happened to these fine upstanding citizens defending their pot stash? They were arrested and are facing kidnapping, assault and destruction of evidence charges after they defended their marijuana stash from intruders who were trying to steal it. As for the thief, he was released and no charges are pending against him.

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