Car break-in thief caught

Posted on: November 21, 2010

A car break-in thief in Jarrettsville, MD has been caught. Rory W. Leftwich age 41 has been pretty busy since he started his crime spree back in September.

When the police searched his home they found more than 100 GPS units stolen from vehicles along with portable electronic game systems, iPods and other MP3 devises, sport equipment, clothing and more. The police figure that he has broken into more than 100 cars since his crime spree began. The value of all the stolen items that the police recovered is worth $25,000.

He faces theft and theft scheme charges along with second-degree burglary charges and illegal possession of a firearm. It sounds as though Mr. Leftwich is no stranger to crime.

Why would anyone want to break into cars and steal electronics and even clothes? Do you think he did it to feed his drug habit? For sure he didn’t steal from cars to feed his family.

This is a reminder to make sure that you remove all valuable items from your car and lock your car at all times. You never know if a Leftwich is hanging around waiting to break-in and steal valuables from your car.

To read the full story clink on this link

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