Dancing with the Stars the Finals

Posted on: November 22, 2010

Tonight the celebrities of Dancing with the Stars will compete for the Mirror Ball Trophy. A lot has been said about how “Tea Partiers” and Conservatives were stuffing the vote for Bristol Palin. According to reports, many people have been using phony email addresses to cast their votes on line for Bristol. One person should have one time voting privileges not vote several times with different email addresses. Gossip says that these people have deviced this plan to show Liberals how they have stuffed the ballot boxes and tainted elections.

Whatever you believe, let’s just have the best person win this dance competition.

What was the true meaning of this competition? If memory serves me right it was taking a celebrity with no dancing experience, teaching and training them to dance and perform, and if they do well – they win! Simple concept for a simple trophy. Let’s put partisan politics aside and just enjoy tonight’s final.

Good luck to Kyle, Bristol and Jennifer and knock ’em dead!

Until next time,



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