Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Part 2

Posted on: November 22, 2010

I have to admit it. I only watched bits and pieces of this show because the Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas were playing for the MLS Cup. I’ve been a fan of soccer for a long time and I just had to watch this match which didn’t disappoint me. At the end of the match my Colorado Rapids won the Cup with a 2-1 score. This is the first Cup win for this team in franchise history.

Congrats to them! If you want to read more details of the game click on this link

As for Sarah Palin’s Alaska Part 2, it showed more of her family. Bristol joined them at a shooting range and fishing trip. We saw Trig and Todd’s parents and of course Piper when they went clam digging. Piper is a precocious 9 year-old and gives the show some light heartedness. Willow was elusive, because she is a teenage girl. Once again they went out on a “family trip” in their very expensive RV. Nice way to travel.

Sarah talked about all the tabloid gossip about her and her family and interjected it with lots of sarcasm. She also reflected on how hard work makes one a better person. She showed this when she and Bristol were helping a halibut fisherman on his boat and even prepared the halibut through the processing plant. Her pay was a halibut for dinner, nice pay and I’m sure it was delicious.

It would have been better if there were quieter moments during the process. Because what Sarah says off the cuff is not very interesting. They should have done this like Mike Rowe’s show, “Dirty Jobs.” There he explains in a scripted voice what is going on during the process. Bristol agreed with her Mom that hard work makes one better – got that Bristol a little hard work never hurts anyone.

Next week Sarah catches up with her Down syndrome nephew and according to the trailer she gets very emotional about the whole situation. So get ready for some weepy times next week.

This show is a nice family show with lots of pretty scenery. You could watch it with your kids but I’m afraid they would also be bored to tears throughout the show.

Until next time,


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