Subway Chief Development Officer goes Under Cover Boss

Posted on: November 22, 2010

Thankfully, I believe this is the last show of the season.

For the past three to four weeks this show has turned from a bad staged show to downright bad T.V.  Last night’s Under Cover Boss featured Don Fertman, Chief Development Officer of Subway. Last week we had to watch an old hippie going through meditation to crying at a drop of a hat and now this week we watched another old hippie who had a bad childhood and was incompetent in making sandwiches. What a surprise!  Once again, this series shows bosses as incompetents and their employees the real people running the business.

Oh please, that isn’t how it happens. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and that is what makes a business successful by combining everyone’s strengths and weaknesses to make a business run. Then of course, each episode shows how the boss wants to make their employee’s lives better and at the end the boss promises to be a better boss and then hands out tons of money to their employees and everyone is happy and speechless. What a kumbaya moment! How lame is that?

But I can’t let this last show go unnoticed. I was absolutely peeved about their 19 year-old manager at their Orlando, Florida store. If Jessi was my manager, I would have walked out the first hour there. She had no professionalism at all. She was making fun of the “old guy” and was downright mean just on his first day there. Come to find out she had “issues” that made her belligerent to older people. Her mother had left her and her dad when she was younger and it seems that she was taking out her hostility on Fertman. Now I’m no psychologist but this gal has some serious problems. She wasn’t tough and she wasn’t funny, she was pathetic. I would have fired her if I were her boss.

The only thing I learned from the show was that Subway is planning to franchise “free standing stores”. What this means is that they are planning to insert stores in malls and even churches. In Buffalo, N.Y. a trial store was put in place that also delivered to customers. What a great idea for small communities and I hope this works out.

Once again, I hope that this series doesn’t come back next season or that they change their theme and make it real and not staged.

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